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Re: Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

Duncanrr wrote:

Why did the CSR bring up applying for BCE? Did you mention that card in your original inquiry? I wonder if they are hinting at what card they may PC the zync into.


I did mention the BCE in my inquiry - I asked him if it was one of the product change options. As much as I like the idea of an NPSL card, I really don't use it that way for fear of it being declined. I never know what the "hidden" limit is on it unless I want to go enter a bunch of tests at the site. I'd much rather have a very high limit revolver that pays rewards, no AF, and can be used like a charge card paid off each month. At least then I know where I stand. The only reason I have the Zync is to get in the door with Amex and establish the earliest possible membership date.

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