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Re: Future for Zync holders

Revelate wrote:

Zanarov wrote:

Well this is turning out to be quite interesting. Looking around the web there seems to be several opinions on what's going on


1. Zync is discontinued, this has been confirmed by several reps....however:

2. Zync IS NOT discontinued, and there's some error with the system. This from a Amex rep on another site...however:

3. According to yet  another rep the card is not being canceled, but the packs are. Apparently it will be a charge card version of Blue.


Does anyone know how we can get some confirmation on this? Or perhaps somewhere there's a official Amex statement floating around...?

I think it's all up in the air until Amex sends us a notice via mail, i.e. legalish material.


I haven't seen anywhere where the Zync isn't being discontinued, would you mind sharing your source on that?  If anything it's the ability to change around packs which is in question from one of Amex's social media pronoucements.


I think the Zync and Green would be too similar if they just cancelled the packs, not really seeing the product differentiation nor the upside of keeping both if they do that, and we know the Zync stands no chance of being continued compared to the Green in that scenario.  You don't throw out decades of market brand recognition for a product which apparently never really caught on.


I have to admit on the time I first used the card with my coworkers at lunch, one of them asked "White Amex?  Is that the opposite of their black card?"  Had to think about it for a second, and yup, pretty much that's what it is especially now as it's looking like a collector's item for mortals.



I think you called it...We are getting all kinds of responses to the status of the Zync, and they all conflict. 


1. Zync is canceled<--Exec office over phone

2. It is not<--Two reps confirmed this in writing

3. Random rumors all over the place regarding Zync being closed for current holders as well (PC)

4. Random rumors about grandfathering


Soooo yeah. I guess all we have left is waiting for an "official" annoucement.