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Discover CLI 6 months/statement question

So I opened my Discover account 4/11/12. I've read that you can request a CLI after 6 months. I had changed my min payment due date from the original 11th (i think) to my  current min due date which is the 3rd every month. So now my statement cuts the 4th, which is tonight.


I've chatted online, and they said I can request a CLI tomorrow. Another said I can request it on 10/11/12. Then another said I can request one in November. Now, I see some say they requested after 6 months, other say 6th statement. Even if I wait until 10/11/12, I'll still only have 5 statements generated. I'd have to wait for another month to get the 6th statement.


Normally I wouldn't micromanage to this extent but I want to apply for CSP as I am taking a trip abroad and want to purchase the plane ticket with the CSP. So any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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