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Re: "The Garden" - Something just doesn't seem right...

I'm the individual who started this whole Garden Club thing, so please allow me to give you some idea of how and why it started.


Two years ago I had begun to rebuild my credit. I had a bunch of baddies that were going to be dropping off during a two year time span. I decided to add some fresh, unblemished accounts so that when the baddies did drop, I'd have a couple of years of positive reporting. So, I applied for and received a handful of rebuilder cards. I had searched to find out how long the new credit ding lasts and found that it depends upon several things -- inqs and number of new accounts in a short period of time, effect upon AAoA, etc. I also found out that simply sitting back and allowing new accounts to age allows the ding to heal, all while providing the opportunity for clean history to report. I had seen this refered to on a couple of miscellaneous threads as "gardening." So, I felt that the best thing that I could do for myself at that point in my rebuild was to simply sit back and garden my rebuilder cards until the baddies finished falling off. After that, I could apply for better cards to keep for the long term. That was my goal.


Well, you are correct about the excitment that occurs on these forums when someone is approved for a new card. I wanted to continue to participate and share my progress with this community, but in the context of waiting for accounts to age and perhaps receive soft CLIs. I started by posting a thread titled "Garden Club Meeting" as a lighthearted way of discussing progress with other forum members who were in a similar situation -- sitting back and waiting for accounts to age, for whatever reason. A good number of people joined in and the thread ran for several pages; and so, the Garden Club was born. Much to my surprise -- and delight! -- it has become an incredibly popular thread on this forum.


IME, the GC helps to fill a need on this type of a forum. Some people would like to stay active as forum participants and would like to continue to learn about credit card related matters, but don't want to app for a period of time. Such individuals can read and participate in all of the various threads, but feel like they have a place to come and participate in the specific endeavor of NOT applying for credit for a set period of time. So, I don't see the GC as being incompatible with a credit card forum, but rather as a helpful compliment to the threads typically provided.

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