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Re: I'm so OVER Navy Federal!!!!

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UPDATE: So I would have been eligible under my current employer if I was actually on an installation. Anywho, my half brother (different fathers) was in the Navy and is a member so he told me just to use him as a way to join. So I try to use that method and they request a copy of my birth certificate which I had no issues providing. They said that's how they verify relation but guess what, my father's name is not on my birth certificate, just my mom's name. So the rep says then you are not eligible to join!? **bleep**?!? I'm so over Navy Federal!!!! 


Speak to someone else...Why does it matter if your father is on the birth certificate? You'd be joining through your half brother. You guys have the same mother, not father.

That sucks man.. Seems like youre getting the shaft... i understand that they have strict guidlines on who can and cannot join but you've already provided everyhting they need short of a blood sample.. Thats insane

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