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Re: Question about paying GE cards from my bank

Creditaddict wrote:

dimitrip wrote:

I prefer to use my banks bill pay to send payments. My bank does not recognize walmart or dillards in there add payee section, however they have gecrb. If I use that option with the account number would that be ok?

I suggest you enter it in manually to exactly how it shows on your statement mail in for payments.

I think you would be okay with the GECRB because that is the new name but why risk it...

+ 1 - for sure.


I bank with USAA and use bill pay with them. For Walmart, I had to enter Wal-Mart, then it was fine... I do not have a Dillards card - sorry.


Try Wal-Mart. Otherwise as CA says above, put the information in manually.



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