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Re: I'm so OVER Navy Federal!!!!

flowfaster wrote:

NFCU is not all that anyway.  The deposit rates suck and the credit products are just meh all around.  All they are good for are super high limits.  If you look at peoples sigs people have a 15k limit with them but yet every other prime lender still gives them 2k.  In my opinion I would rather have a 1k freedom or discover than a 20,000 NFCU card. Only thing could see they are good for is the 0% no fee balance transfer.

You seem bitter you can't get in to NFCU based on your sig. Your rationale is flawed. We all want credit with high limits. That's like saying I'd rather have an AMEX with a 500 limit, than a capital one with 50k limit...Meh...People like you, are the reason people reach out and try to get AMEX, because of the 'prestige' that only exists in your head.

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