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Re: Discover card Cash advances?

SwampSystems wrote:

jsucool76 wrote:

I wouldn't recommend doing that, as it against the T&Cs of your card, and, I don't think stuff like that should be talked about on the forums because it usually gets a thread locked. 

Actually, I called them twice before I started doing it and asked very specifically if it was against the terms and conditions. They said that as long as I am not sending the money to myself, it is not against the terms and conditions. So I send it to someone else who then withdraws it and hands it to me. I have reason to be sending that person money anyway, so there is plausible deniability if they ever decide to question it.

jsucool76 wrote:

Although, I didn't know you could get "Cash Back" at a store with a credit card (with the exception of things like the walmart credit card @ walmart). The only way I could think of would be to run it as a debit and put in your PIN, but I didn't know you could do that either, and if you did, wouldn't discover realize it since it is a PIN based transaction and automatically put it on your statement as a cash advance? Which would then result in you being charged a cash advance fee...

 It's called Cash Over Purchases and is supported at select retailers. I do not know if Cash Over generates rewards.

Yea, I looked up the cash over thing via Discover and its not supported by all retailers...not like Target or anything. I noticed it was just grocery stores on the list. Anyway I'm not sure if a cash over purchase is treated as a cash advance. LOL. I've never used a cash advance...its confusing!


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