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Re: Finally! CLI from cap1! Final desperate attempt worked!

LS2982 wrote:

But I have to ask, why even bring up the email if your not willing to PM people that need it? I'm sure you would want it on the flip side.

I mentioned it because it was relevent to the story, and its show people whats possible. (back in the day, I though whatever CL you get is what you get forever until you appy for a new card lol)

The main reason is that the email is just something I though of and worked. Pretty sure I've seen people taking about it in other capital one topics. 

If someone really needed it, a little bit of thinking and seaching  can probalby find it, but people who just want an easy way out won't be willing to put in that effort, and so won't abuse the email.

PLus I didn't want a million PMs.


But thanks! I was really mad after the exeuctive number didn't even work! I was really going to never use Cap1 for anything again if this didn't work!

My ultimate credit wish,
a JP Morgan Palladium card