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Re: "The Garden" - Something just doesn't seem right...

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@maiden. It stopped me. 5 for 5 but last one was an approval only after a recon. That was enough to put my app itching drapping butt back in the garden.

LOL @ drappin smh. You should make a music video!! Yea. I had 3 of 4 approved (CITI -denied, AMAZON -approved, DISCOVER-approved, WM DISCOVER -approved). They were all instant...except for CITI bank...only one I had to no where...CITI showed no mercy! I stopped applying after UTIL is a mess...I'll be denied if I keep applying for stuff.


Could be an angry song sang by Eminem Smiley Happy




Smiley Mad




Lololol Smiley Very Happy Smiley Tongue 

Passionate people write Harlequin books...LOL.


OMG my sister read those books