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Re: Finally! CLI from cap1! Final desperate attempt worked!

At what point is CRAP1 going to just simply say, "We do not and never will give a credit line increase. You get what you got when we approved the card" I mean really, there are hundreds if not thousands of posts about how people have been denied for CLI's yet only a handful of people that we successful. It would save everyone a headache and trouble if they just change their policy rather than continually give their customers (((YOU KNOW.... THE ONES THAT ARE KEEPING YOU IN BUSINESS))) the usual ambiguous answer you have all heard so many times. Jumping through loop holes, calling this exec assistant, getting the janitor's phone number who is cool with the assistant who knows Mary who is the CEO's personal assistiant is really crazy. I mean, why give the option to ask for a CLI if 99.9% of the time you are going to deny it on a normal base. I mean, maybe people like the challenge but I couldn't be bothered.

I have really considered applying for a  CRAP1 card simply for the no FTF when I travel abroad. I know I would be approved. But, hearing about this company makes me want to rather pay the FTF than not. 

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