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Re: paying kohls with chase?

ionred wrote:

RyVision wrote:

Kohls used to be backed by Chase (around 3 years ago when I got it).  They have since been taken over by Cap 1 (not quite a year ago, and since gave me a CLI LOL).  And no, no one can get a CLI with Kohls right now if anyone is wondering, they're going through a huge rework of their system that's has and will take months, I got my CLI almost moments before that began.  One of the few times (ok, only time) Cap 1 has given me an increase Smiley LOL

Not sure if this is still the case. I just got an Auto-CLI from them in the mail today. It hasn't even hit my CR yet so I know it's fresh.

hmm. idk. what about when you log in online? 


and what was the increase? 


ive had the card since jan. and charged about 800 on 400 limit. mostly pif. and if not only let it report for one month and then was paid off. 

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