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Re: Changes with Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card Pay Over Time
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tray wrote:

Hi everyone, I noticed on my statment for this month with Amex premier rewards gold charge card it states a summary of changes effective January 1, 2013  your pay over time limit is $35,000.00, unless it's been previously reduced or increased, we will tell you if we change your pay over time limit.  Is Amex now reporting charge amounts for pay over time? I wonder if this is my actual charge amount limit.?  Has anyone who has a charge card with pay over time have a reporting charge limit as well on this month's statment. Be on the lookout thanks for any information.



I've got the Green card, and I received a letter from them last week telling me I was eligible for pay over time.  Based on your post, I just pulled up my statement and I had the exact same message re: the $35,000 limit.  If I had to guess, I would suspect this is a general statement for cardholders and is not my actual NPSL, as this is so variable per cardholder based on spend patterns, etc.  Would be nice, though. Smiley Happy


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