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Re: paying kohls with chase?

ionred wrote:

Yep, its there. 


Went from 1,400 to 2,000. Had the card since early 2011.


This will probably be a BAD thing for me. Kohl's is a weak spot for me and the missus. Smiley Happy

 That may have played a part in the CLI   Smiley LOL


Congrats though!   There is a slim possibility that like mine, it was in the system to be CLI'd and since you didn't call in to ask about one, they just auto'd it.


When I called in about mine months ago, the CSR said it was already approved to get a CLI to 1k (was at 300), no SP or HP involved, just that I inquired.  That's why I'm wondering if yours was there waiting to be asked for, but when you didn't, it just clicked over (you are a good customer after all lol).  I like Kohls too actually, esp for clearance Smiley Very Happy  Got my Kohls Charge January of 2009, never a CLI while under Chase.


Have to admit, my big, fat, wild shopping spree that nearly filled my trunk, left a highest balance ever reported at about 185 bucks  Smiley LOL  99% clothing maybe a pair of sunglasses.  No kidding, 5 huge bags, major seasonal markdown plus my discount.  The receipt said something like "Congratulations, you saved 1546.75 today!"  I should have framed that receipt.  Smiley LOL