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12% Off Giftcards this Saturday. EAT THAT BCP LOVERS!
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As many Discover card holders here already know, this Saturday cardmembers can sign up to receive an additional 2% cash back on all purchases. This is in ADDITION to any quarterly bonus for online purchases and Shop Discover bonuses. As some may already know, the 5% cashback this quater for online purchases EXCLUDES discount stores and wholesale clubs. I saw a thread a couple days ago where it was reported that Walmart doesn't qualify for this bonus because it is coded as a discount store. I had to post to let everyone know that this is INCORRECT. Yes, it is true, if you make a purchase in a brick and motor Walmart, it is coded as a DISCOUNT STORE on your statement. However, I make purchases on through Shop Discover nearly every week for their 5% cash back, and can assure you guys that is coded as DIRECT MRKTNG-COMBO CATALOG & RETAIL. This means that IS eligible for the quarterly bonus!


Anyways, so this Saturday, any purchases made through will earn you 5% quarterly bonus + 5% Shop Discover Bonus + 2% One Day Only additional bonus= 12% back on ANYTHING! However, if there isn't anything you want at Walmart at this point, just buy anything around the value of gift card that you want. Purchase the item and then return it to customer service. They will ask if you want it refunded to your credit card or to a gift card. Say you want a gift card. So just like that, BOOM 12% off a Walmart giftcard.


Most, if not all Walmarts, sell many gift cards to other stores and services. I can personally confirm that Walmart gift cards can be used to purchase these. So in essense, you can get either 12% off anything at Walmart, 12% off a Walmart giftcard, OR 12% off any other giftcard that Walamrt has in stock. Hmm the possibilities....