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Re: 12% Off Giftcards this Saturday. EAT THAT BCP LOVERS!

scientifics wrote:

fastfire667 wrote:

However, if there isn't anything you want at Walmart at this point, just buy anything around the value of gift card that you want. Purchase the item and then return it to customer service. They will ask if you want it refunded to your credit card or to a gift card. Say you want a gift card. So just like that, BOOM 12% off a Walmart giftcard.


Most, if not all Walmarts, sell many gift cards to other stores and services. I can personally confirm that Walmart gift cards can be used to purchase these. So in essense, you can get either 12% off anything at Walmart, 12% off a Walmart giftcard, OR 12% off any other giftcard that Walamrt has in stock. Hmm the possibilities....

I feel like this is unethical. While no one will stop you, I just wouldn't feel right doing this. Does anyone else agree with me?

+1. I totally agree with you on this one. This is the reason why the credit card companies are now getting smart, placing tiers and caps on credit card/bonus programs as they must have realize there are to many loopholes to be exploited. And to top it off, it being posted on this public forum, where most everybody, including the credit card companies and their representatives come on and read.

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