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Re: Cap 1 Auto CLI **happy happy joy joy**

AZHeather wrote:

MarcinXP wrote:

Oh..a credit steps CLI....ok...false alarm...move on...nothing to see here....

A cli is a steps or not.  I will take it any way that I can get it.

I understand that and congrats to you. not trying to diminish your accomplishment, however Cap 1 Auto CLI is most likely going to be a hot viewed topic as we all want to know what happened and how someone got Auto CLI....but to find out its credit steps is dissapointing as everyone pretty much gets 1 credit step after 6 months of having a card and then nothing for rest of your life with Capital One.

It's kinda like seeing a forum post that says...I use to sleep with Scarlett Johansson and you open up the post to read up on this lucky dude and you find out the post was made by Ryan I said..congrats...but we've all been there...while I'm happy for you...I was expecting some news about CAp1 finally doing Auto CLIs not related to credit steps.

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