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Re: 12% Off Giftcards this Saturday. EAT THAT BCP LOVERS!
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Keep in mind the 2% is only on the first $250 in spending.


I do not see this an unethical and do not see how anyone could. I do wonder why you would buy an item instead of a gift card. Do they not sell gift cards online? Other stores do this too but obviously do not do it too often as they will catch on.


Cory wrote:

+1. I totally agree with you on this one. This is the reason why the credit card companies are now getting smart, placing tiers and caps on credit card/bonus programs as they must have realize there are to many loopholes to be exploited. And to top it off, it being posted on this public forum, where most everybody, including the credit card companies and their representatives come on and read.

They place caps because if they did not they would lose money, even from non churners. Regular people can spend 1500 on groceries a month, without even trying to milk the rewards program. So if Chase did not have the cap, they would lose a lot more money than they already do by having the 5%. Everyone knows about these tactics; all it takes is a little common sense. The credit card companies know about them too, but if you do not do it too often, they will not care.