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Re: 12% Off Giftcards this Saturday. EAT THAT BCP LOVERS!

I agree...I don't really see anything unethical with this. If Discover allows 5% on department stores which I don't think Walmart would qualify for anyway, but say it does and then 5% on top of that and then 2% on Oct 6th then it's legit...Discover could care less what you buy from Walmart whether it's a $1000 gift card or $1000 TV.


If you return that TV to walmart and they give you a Walmart gift card that is fine as will do business with them again.


Now if Walmart lets you use their gift card to buy a Amazon, Best Buy or Gas gift card that's their stupid policy and its on them. Personally they are losing money anyway on that deal but then again they could simply just give you money back on your discover if you return an item.


In any case...that's too much hassle and hope that everything works fine as advertise for a small gain. Hoping that discover will pay the 5% on walmart, then hoping that your transaction posts on Oct 6th to get 2%, hoping that the CSR at walmart will give you a gift card rather than just refunding back to your card and saying ooops...I did not know you wanted this on gift card...and then hoping that walmart will let you buy gift cards with gift card..



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