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Capital One Executive Office CLI DENIED!!!

In my sig, you will see that I have 2 Capital One cards. Both are 5 years old. Also, both have a perfect record. I decided to go down the executive office route as many have recently. They finally called me back last night with a generic denial stating that they are a conservative lender and aren't issuing CLIs right now. 


I made it clear to them that I have been a 5 year customer with a clean record and that these accounts will be closed kright before the AF hits. I also made it clear that all my transactions are now being routed to my my Discover and Amex cards and my two CapOne cards will never be swiped again.


I cannot believe that the executive office would give me the same response as a low level rep. 


I thought we were seeing changes but I guess not, welcome back to the normal Capital One. 

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