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Re: Capital One Executive Office CLI DENIED!!!

You got decent cards...close them out...your history will be there no matter what for at least 10 years.


I closed my AF card via executive office and the lady was nice and asked me why and I told her that since executive office denied me CLI that I can see that the card won't grow at all and it's time to close..while they are reviewing their policies on CLI and not granting any right now, I'm reviewing my policies on what cards to keep and I can't keep them at this time...maybe in the future.


I kept the No AF card that they bumped from $500 to $2000 but they would not PC for rewards at all. I told her while I thank her for CLI and will keep the card I won't be using it all. I asked her if they close cards for no activity and she said no. She then asked me why I won't be using it. I told her that right now I have few cards that give me rewards so by using Capital One I'm actually losing money. Nothing personal, but I will keep them for utilization purposes and it seems that they don't want me to use the card at all. I told her that her company makes foolish decisions and policies. I closed the No Hassle card even though I did not mind paying AF on it as it was giving me decent rewards but they would not increase the limit...they did however increase limit on no rewards no AF card....i told her the card will be in a drawer and since I won't be using it at all Capital One will make no money since there won't be AF, no Interest and no swipe fees...basically I'll keep them for my own personal utilization and credit purposes..thanked her for her time and hung up....the card is still open...LOL


Capital One is so dumb...she told me that I can apply for another card and I told her with 3 Hard Pulls and no guarantee I get a decent limit it's just not worth it. She told me they are a conservative lender and want to check everything and make sure to start small. I said that is great...but in this competitive world of many credit card companies I'm also like to be conservative...especially with my inquiries..


Close it!!! working in and managing call centers I know for sure that when someone is closing the card and rep asks why and reason is NO CLI they do select that choice in their system and at the end of month someone runs these reports and presents them to VPs and SVPs and say this is how many customers we lost this month, or this quarter because of NO CLI...imagine their shock if all people who are pissed with CAP1 would close their cards at the end of 4th quarter before earnings...ouch!

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