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Re: 12% Off Giftcards this Saturday. EAT THAT BCP LOVERS!

Jlu wrote:

HELL NO. If you think for a second that I care about the likes of JP Morgan Chase, Discover, American Express etc you are INSANE. I use them & abuse them every chance that I get because you know what? They wouldn't think twice about cutting off your balls if it made them a profit. They are not extending you credit because they think you are a nice guy, they are lending to you in hopes you slip up so they have the chance to jack your rate up to 29.99% and hit you with a $35 late fee. That is how they make money. If vultures were a company they would be credit card companies. That's what they are. So no, I don't feel bad for one second - FAHHCK THEM!

Really if you get the penalty rate and the fee you brought it on yourself so I do not think they should be blasted for that. Anyway, I would advise not to abuse Chase too much. They are probably the most well known for shutting people down who are churners or cycle their credit limit multiple times a statement. They even say when applying for a new card that if they determine you are just opening accounts for bonuses they will not give it to you and will possibly close other accounts.