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NFCU approval!!! *faints*

Woke up this morning to the following message:


Congratulations! Based on your creditworthiness, you have been approved for a Signature cashRewards Visa credit card. Your new credit line will be $5,000.00. I applied yesterday morning and it took less than 24 hours for approval. I am ecstatic!!!! This is THE CARD I had dreamed of having. With my USAA Mastercard this completes the two major credit card requirement I gave myself.  Now, I really would like a Macys or Nordstrom or some type of major department store card to add to my growing credit card slots in my wallet but honestly I am so happy I am almost numb.


For those who really don't think it can be done. Let me tell you, it is possible to achieve your goals if you are diligent and really work at being responsible and understanding how the scoring works. Three months ago, my wallet was empty and my scores were in the toilet. Now I am right at the cusp of the 7s and hope to be in the 8's by this time next year. I hope this helps and encourages someone out there the way the forums have helped me. Thank you, thank you, thank you myfico family!


I do plan on loving on my NFCU Smiley Wink

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