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Hello Discover - Bye Bye Cap One (secured)

So after all you guys "talked" me into it earlier this week (thanks), I pulled the trigger.


Pre Approved for Discover More, but the App button redirected me to the IT. Got the 5-7 days message, used the backdoor number. The just wanted to verify some of my information.


Approved for $1500 and of course the 15 months 0%. Doing the happy dance now.


Big thanks to you all here. After 7 months in the USA, I am in prime land with ZYNC NPSL and Discover IT


So if only Chase what have a pre approval site also ... Freedom would be a nice addition and round up my wallet :smileyhappy:


But I guess it is time to garden for the time being :smileyvery-happy:


And CapOne, you will receive a call from me soon. I exchange the plastic you did sent me earlier this year with my security deposit. No need for you any more. But thanks for starting me off

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