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Re: Hello Discover - Bye Bye Cap One (secured)

shakalaka wrote:

So after all you guys "talked" me into it earlier this week (thanks), I pulled the trigger.


Pre Approved for Discover More, but the App button redirected me to the IT. Got the 5-7 days message, used the backdoor number. The just wanted to verify some of my information.


Approved for $1500 and of course the 15 months 0%. Doing the happy dance now.


Big thanks to you all here. After 7 months in the USA, I am in prime land with ZYNC NPSL and Discover IT


So if only Chase what have a pre approval site also ... Freedom would be a nice addition and round up my wallet Smiley Happy


But I guess it is time to garden for the time being Smiley Very Happy


And CapOne, you will receive a call from me soon. I exchange the plastic you did sent me earlier this year with my security deposit. No need for you any more. But thanks for starting me off

Congrats!!! lol


Chase does have a pre-approval site, it operates a little differently though. Checks to see if you have any offers in the mail (that you might have missed (at least that is how I think it works))


Also, you don't even have to wait for your card that long, AFAIK, discover 2 day ships the IT card via UPS Smiley Tongue 


Treat it well Smiley Very Happy