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Re: Hello Discover - Bye Bye Cap One (secured)

Congrats on the Discover! Sounds like you're on your way. As far as the Chase Freedom goes, you're right that it's a great card to have but if you can be patient, they will likely send you a pre-approval in the mail very soon, that's what happened with me after I got my first Discover card 2 or 3 years ago. I think Discover is a great way to transition into playing with the big shots. Plus, unless you plan on traveling this Fall/Winter (airfare or hotels) or shopping a lot at Best Buy or Kohls, the bonus categories for Chase Freedom for this quarter wouldn't benefit you much. I'm actually sock drawering my Freedom just until January, when they should bring back Gas, Groceries, Movies, or Restaurants (or a combination of some of the above) Smiley Happy