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Re: Hello Discover - Bye Bye Cap One (secured)

madmann26 wrote:

I've got mixed feelings about closing the Cap1 card.


It's a TL that is reporting green. Are you having to pay anything for it? Have you tried to app for a non-secured Cap1? Just thinking out loud here.

Well I have a non secured from CapOne, which I will keep. The no FOREX fee is nice, when I am in Germany. Discover is not much use there. And even if I close my secured, the total TL will increase (yes, yes I know I took at least one more hit on one or more cr). I have no more use for this card and it will stay on my reports for 10 years.


I have the Zync with a nice NPSL already and in worst case a MC from Germany with a nice TL also. And the secure deposit does not earn any money at Cap One.


And yes, I am in no hurry for the Freedom so far.


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