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Re: 12% Off Giftcards this Saturday. EAT THAT BCP LOVERS!

fastfire667 wrote:

You guys are missing my point. is coded differently that the brick and motor stores. is coded as Direct marketing while brick and motor purchases are coded as discount stores. That is the only reason this works.


I am curious where you saw that the 2% bonus is limited to $250? It doesn't say that in the terms and conditions, and numerous people have posted that they spoke with Discover reps who said there was no cap and that the 6th is basically a "free spend" day.


While yo are right that you can purchase Walamrt gift cards online, gift card purchases are not eligible for the shop discover 5% bonus. On top of that, most items on can be ordered and paid for online, then picked up in store an hour later. Gift cards are not eligble for pick up today, so you need to have them shipped to your house which takes another week to do.


In regards to the ethicality, I don't see how this is any different than BCP cardholders buying tons of gift cards to other stores at their grocery store in order to get 6% back on those purchases. Nobody seems to bat an eye at that practice.


Oh and btw I'm a college student, so every dollar saved is well worth the effort for me Smiley Happy

I still feel like that's gaming the system, hence Amex putting a $6k cap on the 6% for groceries per year (starting in January). After the $6,000, it goes down to 1%.