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Re: I'm so OVER Navy Federal!!!!

I would like to gently add to the author of this thread that I literally had to jump through hoops to become eligible. Get this, my father is retired US Army, my brother US Navy and my son is currently IN the Air Force. The thing is, everything they asked for I complied. I sent social security cards, copies of ids, check stubs, birth certs all of it. It took about a month or two before everything was sorted out and I was polite but firm throughout it all. Now the benefits roll in for the entire family.


Are there other credit union options? Of course.


The thing is NFCU is elite when it comes to service and they are notoriously luscious to their members. And the members in turn, value the services and financial opportunites that come from having an institution like this behind you. My advice is to be kind, state the facts, send what they request and be professionally persistent IF you want to become a member.

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