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Re: AMEX BCE approved!

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Congrats!!! I started usin my Amex BCE yesterday!!!

I had 'em overnight it to me! Literally app'ed Monday night and had it in hand by 1 pm yesterday even with having to do the addy verification process thing (due to fraud alerts) Faaaabbbbuuullooouussss Cust Service!
Tgif btw!! Party time!!!!!


So I called Amex a few mins ago. They told me my application has already been finalized and they can't expedite it any more. Had I called right after being approved, they would've been able to rush my card. No worries though. I'm willing to wait for it. Smiley Happy


Creditchaser wrote:

Congrats!     Smiley Very Happy

I was approved for Amex BCE the other day. I called customer service to find out my CL.   Instant approval for $9.5K


Please post your CL once you find out.

Creditchaser - Thanks! Congrats on your $9.5k CL. That's pretty impressive! I've been approved for $2K, and I'm extremely happy with it since only a month ago, I didn't have any credit cards (besides Macy's store card) and now I have BCE and Chase Freedom Smiley Happy Smiley Happy