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Re: Change coming in BCP rewards structure

DeadSpider wrote:

One of the reasons we as a family got the card because it offered unlimited 6% but no more.

$6000 at 6% is only $360 - $75AF your left with $285.


Any other grocery cards out there ??? I know Freedom and Discover gives you 5% sometimes but I'm looking for yearly card with or without AF but good rewards.



I ran the math too. At $9500 in grocery spending per year you are at the $285 with 3% on BCE.  If you spend more than $9500 a year on groceries, BCE would be the better deal if there is no cap.


This may become complicated to manage instead of easy. 5% cash back for DM and Freedom, but only during their grocery quarters, and only until maxed out.  The BCP whenever the rest are maxed, until $6000 in spending.  Then move on to the next best thing in my wallet. (Which will NOT be 1% with BCP)  I won't run grocery spending through BCP for 1%. 


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