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Re: October AA Meeting

adavis425 wrote:

AZHeather wrote:

Hi, my name is AZHeather and I am an appoholic.  I have been app free for 129 days.  My app of choice is currently Amex. 


Several times a week I log on to Amex, enter my info, and hover over the submit button.  Then I reason with myself, picture my FICO scores, and close the window.  I am close, oh so close, thinking of how great that feeling is of reading “You Are Approved!"  Not to mention, getting the card in the mail; feeling the slick plastic in my hand; running my fingers over the raised letters of my name; hearing the noise of the activation label peeling off the card; signing the back knowing – it’s mine -; and the wonderful feeling of it sliding into place in my walletThat’s the high


The low is waking up the next morning with an inquiry!  Oh that ugly inquiry that drives your FICO scores down.  And heaven forbid the inquiry is for not - the denial.  Yes, I said it - the denial!  The thing that pops up on the screen screaming, “YOU ARE NOT CREDITWORTHY!”  The inquiry from the denial, you know, the one that other creditors down the road will see when they HP you and see that while you have the inquiry from Amex, you do not have one on your report.  The shame!!


That thought is what makes me close the window; not click the submit button.  Not yet.  Not now.  I am not ready.  I know this.  One year app free, that is my goal.  I will achieve it with a little help from my fellow appoholics.

Lol! OMG!! Boy, did you ever nail that!! Smiley LOL The only cure is denial, but alas, even that is temporary. Good luck gardening. Smiley Tongue

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Get a director on this!!!! Smiley Very Happy


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