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Re: NFCU approval!!! *faints*

beautybrainsbooty wrote:

@Ryvison YOU were totally on the money with this one. Not sure how you knew but you were so very right!


Do you think I need to apply for anything else with them right now? I see a lot of people also get a line of credit too when they go for the CC. I mean I am ridiculously happy regardless, but the freeze goes on in less than 24 hours for the credit reports. What do you think??


Sorry I'm late getting back to you about that, I was pulled away from the comp with MyFico running (that happens a lot).  I read elsewhere you went for the LOC at 2k, I'm sure you got it if not you most likely will, considering how much you sent into them. 


Is there something else you really needed from them?  Like auto loan or refi?  After the joint Plat at 15k and individual CashKermit at 3k I didn't apply for anything else myself.  The pre-approval for an auto loan showed up for me on screen and came in the mail the other day but don't need it.


Remember, whatever else you ask for from them, will likely end up in more pulls.  Only request what you think you need above the LOC and CC.  Take care of NFCU and they'll grow with you.