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Re: Advice Please

Absolutely agree. Vacate and clean the report. The cleaner your reports, the more likely you can apply anywhere with confidence. Personally, I have no use for the "big boy banks" because the credit unions fulfill all my needs with a human touch. While your cleaning, start credit union shopping and don't be scared to try. Step out and take some risks once you get your report looking good. YOU are ultimately in control. Best of luck to you! Smiley Wink

started mid 500's. Disputed incorrect items and within a month or two my scores have skyrocketed and continue to do so
EQ: 755 as of 8/2013
TU: 700
Experian(or as I call them, the devil) I have no clue, they haven't released my report
Goal=801 across the board!!! Not too far from this, hoping to garden until Christmas 2013