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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

RockinRay wrote:

tcbofade wrote:

RockinRay wrote:

tcbofade wrote:

Good morning boys and girls.


I'm still here, and still behaving myself.


My utilization isn't really dropping any yet...and inquiries continue to age...slowly...2010 wasn't bad, and 2012 hasn't been too awful, but I had a LOT of inq's in 2011 that are going to take a while to age off...


No real itch, just a bit bored...somebody pass me a Budweiser...

No comments today!  Smiley Happy


That's probably a good thing...  Smiley Tongue


Smiley Happy Don't ya just hate people like me - that always bug you! Smiley Happy


Not a bit.  I appreciate someone with more knowledge, experience and better credit scores rooting me on...


...although, I will confess that the thought of a hairy legged cheer leader kinda weirds me out.  Smiley Tongue


58 days app free.  No real itch, no firm plans to app for anything anytime soon.


Current Scores: EX08: 628, TU08: 641, EQ08: Something similar. 05/02/16. Last App: 05/01/16.

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