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Approval For My App Spree!!!
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So I am super excited! I got approved for all the cards I wanted. I have such a short credit history, that I thought it would not be possible. I really love Chase, not only because of my approval but because of their CS. Chase and Discover are now my favorite. I didn't get super high limits, but I just turned 21 and have 2 years of history & a 734 FAKO, so I'm content. Listed below are the cards I applied for:


Chase Sapphire Preffered MC > $5,000 [40,000 Points]

Chase Hyatt Visa Signature > $5,900 [Two free nights]

Amex Hilton > $3,000 [50,000 Hiton Points]

Citi Hilton (2) > $3,500 [50,000 Hiton Points]

Barclay > $2,500 [$200] (Missed the deadline for the $400, I'm a little ticked Smiley Tongue)


I'm just amazed that Chase extended me so much credit (I also have their Freedom card) I'm definately going to make their cards my Daily Drivers. Thanks to all the previous advice and thoughts! Into the Garden I go!

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