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Re: BOFA graduation - halfway
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YahComb wrote:

that stinks rev, i knew it was possible to get your limit cut at graduation, but i only heard of that happening to a guy with a 10k boa secured line. Also a bit surprised not even 3K.

did you try to pc to the travel rewards already?

Nah, if they wouldn't approve me at the 5K limit on the unsecuring right now there's probably no way I get the Travel Rewards which I think is Siggy only?  I'm fine with hanging out with the account till post-mortgage unless I get shoved onto an airplane but that's looking less and less likely now in the next year.


SnackT: You're absolutely right it's a positive tradeline, and an unsecured tradeline at $2500 when your pig is as ugly as mine isn't anything to sneeze at.  I need the tradeline more than I need the 5K limit right now, and since the money has additional use over the next few months when dealing with the IRS, I figured I was coming out net positive and that any questions regarding that could be reconned away.


The lien isn't fun for me in anything other than rueful self-deprecatation.  but it is colorful and I need to get righteous.  I'm guessing if that hadn't been there I might've graduated at the full 5K though, that was the primary thing they wanted to talk about.  


My future credit apps look something like:


Amex BCP: they offfer $500 CL's, $2500 is fine

Chase sometthing: with their recon policy I wouldn't rule myself out for a 5K CSP tradeline and unlike BOFA they see my full income currently

USAA: The silly tradeline but I'm a full member and others have gotten moderately lurid approvals in the past year, am thinking if nobody else they'll kick me up over the Siggy line.  


As my expenses go up over the next 5 years (mortgage and all that entails) and hopefully dating to marriage to kids, my spend will go up high enough to justify chasing higher limits than where I'm at now, but currently I have more than required so it's no big deal.


Toppers: Yeah I figured it was me rather than a max limit for graduation; however, I only had the increased limit for a few months... and the rep did let slip that that PIFing regularly is beneficial for their unsecuring and they did bring up my floating the balances for a few months.  Not sure if that factored either, but it's probably useful for anyone else chasing a BOFA graduation.

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