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Re: Paying Amazon or walmart before statement

ShiningDown wrote:

My Amazon account says amount due 0, due date 10/19. And it shows a purchase along with the new balance. Can I make a payment or do you have to wait for a statement? 

 When asking for a cli is it best to have 4  monthly payments reporting before asking  or ask after account has been open 4 months? If I can't make a payment now it will set me back a month because this payment is due 10/19 and the next one will be due 11/19.  

On CLIs: You can ask every 4 months. 

It doesn't go by slower or faster based on your payments. If it's been 3 months and you made 4 payments, you need to wait one more month. If it's been 4 months and you've made 3 payments, that's alright. 


You can make a payment now. I don't know what the interface is like, but if there isn't an option on the card's website, try to push one from your bank account's bill pay feature.

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