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Re: Can I complain about Wells Fargo for a minute?

I got one scores are above 800 across the board. I bank with Wells Fargo...have for 7 years....automatic deposit...4 savings accounts... 2 checking accounts. I have many credit cards ....3 above 20,000 limit, 8 above 5,000 limit and 3 above 15000.00 limit. I have 3 cars paid off, and a good mix of credit with only one store card. Pif on everything including 4 amex cards. I have has this litlle bity credit card from wells fargo for 7 years...started at 500 dollars. Called for an increase this month and they offered a 200.00 dollar increase....(AFTER 7 YEARS!!!!!). I have a perfect credit history with them...with everyone. I asked to be transferred to an anaylist, and she told me that I only used the card last year for around 3000.00 in purchases and this year so far only 2000.00, so it doesn't warrant more of an increase. I wanted to tell her that with that credit limit it just takes too much of my time to keep going to the store to buy gum........ I have an 118, 272.00 annual Salary and Wells Fargo gets it all in Automatic Deposits. They are the ones that are benefiting...............and I think it is getting close to the time in showing them what that measly 200.00 dollar offer will cost them in the long run......Chase has been very good to me and I think they deserve the automatic deposit. Were not the only ones that have Wells Fargo using our money with no incentive to us to do so. We can gripe or change things................My credit rating is there because I made it so...with patience and hard work.........many institutions see that.......Wells Fargo doesn't seem to notice unless it totally benefits them.