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Final verdict on my mini app spree

Well after starting 7 months ago on myfico with a score of just over 580, I'm now at 740 and just closed on a home and did a refi on my car at 2.75% I also did an app spree. Household income is around 75k


chase freedom - 6k

bofa 123 - 5k

us bank cash+ - 5k

amex bce - denied off a SP. high internal risk and outdated SP

citi Ty - denied for not having high enough revolving use and high inquiry count( last card applied for, glad I didn't get It. I really applied on adrenaline)


Added 16k in sig cards. I've never had more than junk cap one credit step cards. Happy man

Starting Score: EQ 619
Current Score: EQ 735, TU 732, EX 745(Lender Pulled)
Goal Score: EQ 700

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