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Barclays denied. Recon call made. *UPDATE*
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Decided to app for the Barclays Apple today while my reports are unfroze. I was denied and the only thing I can think of is maybe inquiries or the newer TLs reporting (all pif so utility should be near 0) on TU since my report is clean and absolutely nothing is late-ever. Scores are above average (see sig). I will call backdoor on Monday to do a recon however Im a little nervous about it, not sure what to expect. I need that MacBook!!!! How do I approach the call guys?



*UPDATE 10/8*

Made the recon call today. Talked to a really nice, english speaking rep,who went over my entire report, asked a few questions about salary, but told me because my credit  card history was too new that I needed 6 months time to show history. She told me it looks like everything else has been handled exceptionally well but they need 6 months of cc history. I did not fight her but my NEWEST cards are within the last few months. I've have two others that are years old, rather large-and in good standing , paid off in full and still reporting. I think I will wait and try again tomorrow. No mention whatsoever of inquiries which is what I thought it would be.

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