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Re: Happy Discover Shopping Today Guys!

Jlu wrote:

firesoul453 wrote:

GoldenloveNY wrote:

I am so happy to go out and start shopping. So if I shop in a department store today, it will be 7% cashback?

Yes but the extra 2% is capped at $250


and remeber when you shop through shopdiscover, you don't get the 5% on top of the 5%.




Based on 3 separate CSR contacts at Discover this is incorrect. You are able to stack 5% Cashback Bonus on top of x% ShopDiscover on top of 10/6's 2%. I triple checked before running out and blowing $1000 on a new Macbook.

I was definelty mistaken when I said $250, I think I was thinking about the last time.


But in the ShopDiscover Terms

it says

"Cardmembers who participate in a Cashback Bonus Program will receive the specified Cashback Bonus on ShopDiscover purchases made with your Discover Card in connection with these promotions during valid promotion dates in addition to your Cashback Bonus of up to 1% on each purchase."


I definetly hope am wrong though lol. and don't forget that the shopdiscover cashback will take longer to show up (if it doesn't show up at the end of the cycle)


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