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Re: Why would a CC lower your credit limit?

Elcid89 wrote:

EaglesFan2006 wrote:

I've heard that about Barclay...I'm more concerned with the other two.  But I figure the 6 month mark isnt until January, and at point I won't be as worried about util.  Does that make sense as far as those two checking accounts before then?

Read previous comment, and try to chill out. You're going to give yourself a stroke.


As long as your utilization doesn't shoot up and STAY up, they could care less. They WANT you to use the cards. If you don't, they make no money. As long as you are utilizing and paying as you described above, I would be surprised if your limits don't increase. They'd certainly stand little chance of decreasing.

+1  Most of the time that I've heard of limit decreases over the past couple years has been to people who have carried balances for a long time that nearly maxed their cards and then slowly paid them down, so called "balance chasing".  For awhile, during the worst of the recession, lenders were cutting limits much more frequently, but this isn't really the case anymore.

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