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Re: Trade annual fee card for a no annual fee?

jamesdwi wrote:

There is a no AF capitalone card, that is a rebulder/starter card, my son just got it, he had zero cards, only 2x AU'd capone cards on his report for 4 months.   I also have a no fee CapOne card that was part of the steps program its 40 months old back then it was two steps, a 2k limit and no increases in years and CLI are declined. 





The only way to get a no AF starter/rebuilder card from cap1 is through a mailed special offer. That is what I did. I got a plat MC with no AF and PCd it to a cash rewards. 


Otherwise, the only no AF cards cap1 offers are their prime cards, and their partner cards (I think orbitz and playstation have no AF)