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Re: I see many vs angel card here. Got a question.
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I am an Angel Vip Cardholder, it is a store card there is no option for Visa or MC. You can not apply for Vip you are automatically upgraded to the (Black) VIp card (Which carries a seperate customer service hotline just for vip cardholders) after you spend $250 on your regular (Pink) Angels card. You will also receive a $10 reward card for every 250 points earned. I obtained VIP status in 3 weeks due to needing to do some heavy shopping at the time and paying off the card in full. The card is great to have if you are a frequent shopper at VS, the rewards and perks are great and you get a little booklet with a different monthly offer for the entire calender year. You also get double points as a VIP holder on certain items during certain times of the year along with early access to the semi-annual sale. Approval is not hard at all, they offer pre-approval during onlie checkout if you happen to be doing some shopping the offer may come up with a credit limit and you can choose to accept it. Or you can always go in store to apply. Hope this helps

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