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Re: Pathway to getting this card? (SPG)
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+1 on the Green, or maybe the Delta revolver now actually though I think that would be a stretch and TLDR I'd simply take a shot at a Green.


The SPG isn't so far fetched anymore as some folks make it seem, both it and the BCP seem to have dropped substantially from an underwriting requirement standpoint; however, that's subject to change at pretty much anytime but has held true for the last few months at least.  Other lenders since June have done similar, it's anyone's guess when they stop in that regard (Chase, BOFA, not certain on Citi).


I don't know if the Delta card is any harder than a Green, but I think right now the Green is an easy approval based on another student's recent approval and similar income, and you don't need to three-step the SPG: a Green can get you there too as there were others who went Zync -> BCP or SPG if I recall correctly.


Edit: the BCP minimum limit is $500, SPG may be that low as well but it wouldn't surprise me if it were 1K as $500 probably doesn't even cover three nights stay in many markets.




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