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Re: After 5 1/2 months of history, I have my very first TU and EQ FICO scores!
I monitor my reports through CreditKarma and Quizzle. CK estimated my TU at 733 (FICO 715). My Quizzle FAKO says 693.

I checked CK last night and there was a pull from Amex, so I think they pulled all 3 bureaus since my history is so limited. Nothing from Discover though, so I'm guessing they pulled EQ. I believe Chase pulls Experian here in MA but I won't have a way of knowing for sure until a month from now when I get my next Quizzle update.
TU: 760 (4/13/16) | EQ: 758 (6/1/15) | EX: 768 (2/17/16)

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