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Re: Advice Please

snowytimber wrote:

Advice Please.  Eight years ago both of my parents died within 8 months of each other.  They had bought life insurance when they got married in 1946 and never updated it so there was about $3500 in insurance.  I am an only child so I ended up with all of the hospital, nursing home and funeral bills, it killed me financially.  I have just recently started to rebuild.


My current accounts:

Care Credit    $100/$500 opened  May 2011

Orchard/Cap 1 Mastercard   $0/$400  opened Nov 2011

Kohl’s   $0/$400   opened Feb 2012

Personal loan from One Main Financial   $1000/$1500  opened June 2012

PayPal Smart Connect     $0/$500    opened Aug 2012

Amex Green   NPSL   opened Aug 2012


Current Scores:

MyFico  EQ  674            MyFico  TU 691       EX Fico 653 (Amex BCE denial)


One CO from 2006 on EX not on EQ or TU

One Judgment from 2008 that I just recently became aware of.  Trying to get information from the court so I can try to get this vacated this because this is in a different state (NY) that I do not live in, the address listed for me in the lawsuit is someplace I have never lived (in NY) and I was never served.

No lates on any of my current accounts. 

3 INQ TU     4 INQ EQ    6 INQ EX


Thinking of waiting until Jan and apping for Barclays Rewards, Discover More, BofA 123 rewards, and maybe BCE again.


Does this sound like a reasonable plan or should I try sooner or wait longer?  Are there any other good cards to consider?  I would rather have cash rewards or maybe points, don’t fly don’t need miles.  I have a small fine art photography business and travel by car and would like to get a high enough CL at some point to upgrade some of my equipment.


Thanks in advance.

My sympathies go out to you.  That was a tough situation and good for you for pulling yourself out of it.


+1 on attacking that judgement and getting it vacated. You were not properly notified.


Try a goodwill or pay for delete on the CO (but I would spend some time reading about these options on the board.  There is great info from folks who have a much better idea than I of how to go about it)


Barclays is really inquiry sensitive-I apped with about the same amount and got turned down for inquiries.  Stupid me didn't recon, but thats another story.


The idea of a CU is a great one....are you USAA/Navy eligible? 


One last bit, that one Main Loan.  The interest rates on those SUCK (ask me how I know).  If you can, throw a little extra at it every month and get rid of it.  Save yourself some money in the long run.


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