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Advice plz!! Chase Freedom !! (and some questions about score reports)
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Hi, all. Smiley Happy


This is my very first post here. I'm new here and just starting to learn how to garden

And it would be great if you guys could give me  some ideas on


1) my chance of getting approved for Freedom

2) max CL I could get appvd/ask for. (I've never asked for CLI before, and I think it's about time to ask..)   

3) I see some Inquires on my TransUnion report 1 "Regular Inquiry" (by BOA), 1 "Promotional Inquiry" (by AMEX), 3 "Account Review Inquiries". (by BOA and FIA CSNA) 

Are these all what's called Hard Pull?? If they are, are they harmful to my credit? Smiley Sad


From checking my scores through each of the bureau,

-TransUnion: 761, Grade: C (I don't know what that means)

-Equifax: 749

-Experian: for some reason score is not available ( I'm suspecting that BOA hasn't been reporting to Experian??!!)




Currently I have 2 revolving accounts with BOA (AOA: 2yrs) and I have no baddies.


1) Boa Visa Platinum ($1000, since May 2008)   2) Bank of americard Travel Reward ($1000, since Sep 2012) 


*my visa plat started as secured card and unsecured 3yrs ago. *I didn't get instant approval for Travel Reward card, after analyst's manual review I was apprvd.


Thanks for reading my post Smiley Very Happy