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Re: Approved Barclay Rewards

dwmaso001 wrote:

So after leasinga brand-new vehicle, I thought this would be a good time to apply for a couple CCs. All I have now are BBRZ $600, Creditone $400, and Show MC $400. I applied for the Barclay Rewards card and approved for $1500! This is now my highest limit CC and has some rewards on top of it. I also thought I might as well burn a few INQs, since I have nothing else to apply for, and apped for Discover More and Chase Freedom. Discover insta-deny, Freedom reviewing your application, but received letter saying denied. Both cited deliquencies on my account, which would be 5 year old charge-offs that I took care of back then. Oh well, knew I didn't really stand a chance, but still happy I got my Barclays card. 2 points on gas, grocery, and utilities, so something to use every-day and gain a bit of rewards.

Congrats on Barclay!!!


Be careful on anymore apps for the next 6 months, Barclays can be salty with new apps.


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